9.14.15 Family Day | Girl Time Hiking the L

Last week I mentioned to Mia that I had never hiked the “L”. She told me she hadn’t either. So of course we had to do it on the next family day.  Some photos taken with Nikon D7100 some with iPhone 6.


a-10a-5a-3a-7“I was BORN for hiking!”- Mia

a-13a-16a-17a-20a-22a-26Mia: Can I bring both sticks?
Me: Sure. But you have to carry them if you want them.
Mia: OKAY!
So she carried two sticks that were bigger than her half up and one of them made it all the way back down the mountain. We had to get creative in the way she carried them but she did it.

a-24A couple on their way down asked if they could use my camera to take a pic of us together. You’ll always find friendly people on the trails in Missoula!

a-29I was given approximately 10 heart attacks as she was climbing around the “L”. Skidding, slipping, walking, crawling… “COME ON NICHOLE!” I didn’t feel comfortable walking on it.

 a-31 a-39a-41a-43a-44a-45a-48We tried to recreate the first crazy hair pic a few pics up… and got this. lol


“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”
― Susan Polis Schutz


a-33 a-60 a-56 a-53a-60 a-65 a-62a-63a-69a-71a-76a-77a-74

Hair stache.


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